How To Join Wealthy Affiliate – Your Road To Success!

In this article I will show you how to join Wealthy Affiliate and explain why you should join Wealthy Affiliate to help guide you on your path to success online.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is one of the most highly recommended places to study if you want to learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

How To Join Wealthy Affiliate

What we will cover in this “how to join Wealthy Affiliate blog:

My Wealthy Affiliate Review - Overall Rating

🆓The free starter membership is actually free!

🤑I have made money on multiple websites using the training taught!

🔥The membership plans are very competitive!

🌎Training and information to a worldwide audience!

💖I am still an active member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform!

My Overall Rating

How To Join Wealthy Affiliate

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is easy and can be completed by following these simple steps:

1: Go to the Wealthy Affiliate Create account page <<<

2: Click the “Get started for free” button.

3: Fill in your details, name, and email, and create a password, and a user name.

Note: If you need to please write down your login information and keep it somewhere safe so you do not forget!

Congratulations! You have now taken the first and most crucial step in moving towards a better lifestyle, and you now have a Wealthy Affiliate account.

How To Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free

That’s correct! Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership which believe it or not is where everyone starts.

By default when you join Wealthy Affiliate by following the steps provided earlier in this blog, you start with what is named the “Free Starter Membership” and this lets anyone test drive the system before deciding whether to upgrade or not. It is 100% free and no credit card is needed for this membership.

The Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership is great for getting an inside look at how the system works and how we can generate money online from home, but if you want to get serious about your business, you will need to upgrade to “Premium, or Premium+” memberships.

The paid memberships offer unlimited tools, training videos, 24/7 prioritized help, hosting and security for multiple websites, and loads more features, whereas the Free Starter membership has limited tools and training videos, but is a great place to start!

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work

Success stories are happening on a daily basis through the Wealthy Affiliate training platform and knowing this helps give thousands of people all around the world more inspiration to get involved.

I have generated $1000s online since I started with the Wealthy Affiliate program, and I know many more who have had success with the training and community through Wealthy Affiliate.

>> View Success Stories Here <<<

The big question is will you do what you need to do to become successful online?

It takes work, focus, and dedication over time to be successful online through affiliate marketing, and although some strike it large in a small amount of time this is not the average result.

Getting involved online with affiliate marketing can lead to huge things, and there is 100% unlimited earnings potential.

If you are motivated, keen to learn, and dedicated, Wealthy Affiliate is my most recommended training platform and I strongly urge you to study there.

Wealthy Affiliate Programs

Wealthy Affiliate programs consist of several modules and these are all included in Premium and Premium+ memberships.

You will get a taste of some of these with the Free Starter Membership.

Types Of Wealthy Affiliate Program Modules

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Programs


Wealthy Affiliate OEC Program 1: Getting Started

Wealthy Affiliate OEC Program 2: Building your own traffic-producing website

Wealthy Affiliate OEC Program 3: Making Money

Wealthy Affiliate OEC Program 4: Mastering Social Engagement

Wealthy Affiliate OEC Program 5: Achieving maximum success through content creation

The Affiliate Bootcamp Programs


Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Program 1: Getting your business rolling

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Program 2: Content, keywords, and conversions

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Program 3: Giving Your Site Social Value

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Program 4: Get visual, get aesthetic, get a brand through media

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Program 5: Knowing your audience and capturing your referrals

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Program 6: Bing, Yahoo, and the power of PPC

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Program 7:

How to scale successful PPC campaigns

These courses from start to finish will have you running your own successful online business no matter where you are in the world.

Wealthy Affiliate Login

If you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate you can login here <<< or if you are not and would like to join Wealthy Affiliate click on the banner and get started by filling out your details…

I hope to see you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate!

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