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how to email marketing

A how to email marketing guide for beginners.

Email marketing is easy and can be started at any stage of your online venture.

I am assuming that since you have landed on this page, you already have a website, but if not, I will leave a link later on in this blog, as a recommendation where you can go and do this for free and with free video guides on setting up as well.

Email marketing if done correctly can grow your business and turnover at excessive rates, if done wrong, believe it or not, you can actually drive people away!

What You Will Need

  • A website
  • An auto-responder
  • A web form to capture leads
  • A reason to submit readers’ emails
  • A series of pre-made emails
All of these can be started, and made for free!

What Is Email Marketing For?

Email marketing should be used as a form of keeping in contact, and building a relationship with the client, customer, or friend, the last thing you should be doing is TRYING TO SELL THEM SOMETHING! instead, try to offer them free information that solves a problem, or helps them out in one way or another, this builds trust rather than “Buy this from me”, no one likes products or services rammed down their throat.

Things To Avoid With Affiliate Marketing

  • Overselling – Do not sell, sell, sell!
  • Overthinking – Don’t overthink the process!
  • Offering nothing – Don’t just send pointless emails, always offer free, valuable information, but not a product or service.

How To Email Marketing For Beginners

Learning how to email marketing for beginners, can be easily taught through a series of small steps.

Each step is not difficult, and if you already have a website and email capture form, you are already most of the way there!

Steps How To Email Marketing For Beginners

  1. Build A Website – Designing and building websites is fun, and if you do not have a website yet I strongly recommend you start yours at Wealthy Affiliate University. Not only will you get a free website, but there is also a free starter membership that will cost you nothing at all, and free video guides to get your website set up and running…Upgrading is available if you desire.
  2. Insert an email lead magnet/opt-in email form – Most email service providers make it easy to insert an email lead form. I use as they offer a free “up to 500 contacts” account, and have many pre-made email lead capture forms, and popups, all customizable and ready for your website. You will in most cases need to give something for the email like a free ebook, a free guide, etc
  3. Collect emails – The emails collected will be stored in or your chosen email service provider.
  4. Start your email campaign – Set up a new campaign in your email service provider’s account ( ) You can write and save as many emails as you want, and have these emails automatically sent to subscribers in a rostered format. Your first email can be sent straight after someone enters their email, the next 3 – 4 days later, the next 2 weeks, and so on, and so on, this is a great way to get ahead in work time management.

How To Email Marketing Campaign

There are many ways in which someone can go about their email marketing campaign, but usually, most people will stick with the same fundamentals of email marketing.

These fundamentals have been tried, tested, and proven to have the best results when email marketing for ANY online business.

email, newsletter, email marketing-3249062.jpg

1 – Your first email should be a welcome, and thanks for signing up email. Include a coupon or discount code for products, but never try to sell items in your first email.

2 -Your next email should link back to a blog or a page on your website that offers information to help solve an issue for them, or gives them the information they need. We already know what information our email list wants as they signed up through our website, and base all your emails around the niche of your website.

3 – Your email campaign can be as long as you like, 10 emails are great. Each email should include a link or links back to your website blogs, that offer information and links to products or services from there.

4 – try to offer value in your emails, not products. After your email campaign has started and subscribers are getting your email, your email service provider will show you a few stats about your email and how it is performing.

You can see how many people have opened the email(s) and how many have clicked links inside of the email, etc.

5 – Test your emails. Now that we have data, we can tweak the emails to see if you have more success or less. Eventually, you will have the right formula to maximize your conversions.

How To Email Marketing Strategy

An email marketing strategy is a way in which you are going to be executing your email marketing campaign.

For example, my email marketing strategy could look like this…

How to email marketing strategy example

  • Example 1 – Send a total of ten emails at 1-week intervals, using a free ebook to entice members to go to my website.
  • Example 2 – Send 5 emails over 2 weeks, links on the website all go-to products, Really push for sales
  • Example 3 – Send a total of 30 emails over 6 months, all email links go back to my website where I will be advertising products as well as good information.
  • Example 4 – Send 3 emails over 10 days, long emails filled with links to shops, my website, social media accounts, etc

All of these examples are just made up but are great examples of planning your email marketing roadmap, after each campaign you can see the results and then use this to know if you are on to a winning strategy.

Remember every niche holds a different person’s personality, meaning you need to target the words, the colors, and the way you target market talks and walks…Everything about your target market should be used in your favor.

After 10 weeks we can view the results, and tweak anything we like to start the process again.

There are many different angles or strategy’s that one may use when it comes to online email marketing, this is because every niche is different from the next.

Putting It All Together

Using email marketing as a method of building relationships with subscribers should definitely be used in conjunction with your other advertising methods.

Putting together an email marketing campaign takes a little practice and is something that you can work on over time.

Putting your email marketing campaign together

  1. Keep your angle in mind – what is your overall message
  2. Write all your emails – Google docs
  3. Set it all up in your email service provider.
  4. Test it out!

How To Email Marketing Tips

Here are a few tips to help you get set up and running your first email marketing campaign.

  1. Don’t Push Sales – Take subscribers back to your website first, to a blog with helpful information.
  2. Don’t over email…Spamming people with loads of emails is just annoying and no one likes it…Don’t do it!
  3. Keep your email professional. Don’t use bad language, be respectful.
  4. Offer good information that your target market will be interested in.
  5. Write out all your email for a campaign on one page. Google docs are good for this. Writing them out next to each other first makes the flow of emails better, and you get a better idea of how the viewer will be seeing them.

learn affiliate marketing

Learn How To Email Marketing

Learning how to do email marketing correctly is a skill that is best learned through someone, or through a training course.

As mentioned earlier I would leave a few helpful links where you can get started for free.

Free Email service provider –

Free Website+security+Hosting – Wealthy Affiliate
Free Affiliate Marketing Training – Wealthy Affiliate

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I hope this blog” How To Email Market ” was helpful for you and your online business.

Remember good things take time, the more we practice, the better we get. Don’t expect amazing results overnight, just try your best, do more research, and then try again.

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