Keyword Research

What Is Keyword Research And How To Use It?

Knowing how to find and use keywords can be the difference between life or death for your online business.

No matter what your niche, keywords are, and will remain the foundation of every online business in the world, and knowing how to find and use them is crucial.

This is where Jaaxy comes in!

Jaaxy Keyword Research

How Keywords Work!

Finding out what keywords or phrases people are typing into search engines, and how often this is happening gives us a huge advantage when it comes to your website getting ranked, and gaining unlimited free traffic.

Get these keywords wrong and your website, content, and efforts will stay buried in the world of lost websites never to be seen by anyone.

Jaxxy also tells us which keywords have high competition, meaning these keywords are very hard to get ranked for and are potentially not worth trying to gain traffic from.

Having a low competition score means there are fewer websites trying to rank for this keyword and therefore, you are more likely to rank on page one of search engines.

What Is Jaaxy

Jaaxy is one of the most powerful online keyword research tools in the world, with advanced features that help us gain further insight into our target market, and our market competition, and helps get our websites and blogs ranking well on search engines.

What Can Be Done With Jaaxy?

1 – Keyword Research
2 – Niche Analysis
3 – Site Rank and Site Rank Tracking
4 – Keyword Brainstorm
5 – Domain Name Availability Check
6 – Affiliate Program Search
7 – Save Lists Of Keywords
8 – Alphabet Soup
9 – Search Engine Analysis
10 – Survive Online

Jaaxy was created and is owned by Wealthy Affiliate, an online affiliate marketing training platform, that teaches people how to make money online, through a series of easy-to-follow training video tutorials.

Through the Wealthy Affiliate training program, you will be taught how to use Jaaxy, and how it can help any online business thrive!

If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you will get access to unlimited access to Jaaxy, and if you are not a Wealthy Affiliate member you can get 30 free keyword searches, but you will need to make a free Jaaxy account to see them.

Visit the Official Jaaxy Website Here!

How Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Works

By collecting data from the main 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, After you enter your chosen keyword, Jaaxy filters out the most related keyword and phrases and compiles these into a list that shows us…

1 – AVG – The average amount of times these keywords are typed into search engines every month

2 – Traffic – This is the estimated amount of traffic you will receive if you rank on page one for that keyword

3 – QSR – Quoted Search Results, this is the number of websites that rank for the specific keywords

4 – Keyword Quality Indicator – Quick guide to your chances to rank on pages on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines

5 – SEO – This is an overall keyword score from 1 to 100. higher is better

6 – Domains – This will show us if the desired keyword is available to buy as a domain name.

Here is a random search I conducted with the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

The Keyword is: “Fluffy pillow cases”

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Down the bottom of this list is our keyword “fluffy pillow cases”

There are 2 main columns to pay close attention to.

The “AVG” column, and the QSR column.

AVG – There is on average 80 people every month looking for this exact product to buy, or to find more information on. If you rank on page one you will get on average 14 people visiting your website or blog per month.

QSR – This is the number of other websites ranking for this exact keyword. Bellow 100 is great, and as you can see “Fluffy Pillow Cases” has a very low QSR score of 21.

To explain this in rankings, If you wrote a compelling blog on fluffy pillow cases, chances are you will get ranked on page 1 or 2, as there are only 21 other ranking articles for this exact keyword.

A Google search will show 10 results per page… this means with only 21 articles or ranking pages for this keyword, there is a maximum of 2 pages full of results, maybe 3 pages if we include the 21st QSR count…Maybe yours will be blog 22!

My latest website I have started a niche website on had an “Avg” of 154,398 searches per month and a QSR of only 56.

Once you understand the program, It will work for you.

As of the date of this blog, I have posted 4 blogs on this new website of mine, and all blogs are ranking on page one.

Other Features With Jaaxy

Besides Jaaxy being a lifeline for many online businesses through identifying targeted keywords with low competition based on whatever topic you like, Jaaxy is packed with some more very handy tools.

Alphabet Soup

You will never run out of ideas with this powerful yet simple tool.

Jaaxys Alphabet Soup feature finds hundreds of long-tailed keywords in any letter of the alphabet you select.

Literally thousands of keywords in any niche, and in every letter of the alphabet. You can then run a keyword search from this page to find more info.

Jaaxy alphabet soup

Saved Lists

Keeping tabs on what you have searched for, what keywords you have used, and which domains are available for purchase is easy with the Jaaxy list feature.

Simple make lists inside of Jaaxy to quickly update or review what you were doing last.

Plan ahead for your blogs by creating valuable lists ahead of time, all with low competition and high traffic.

Trust Me This Can Save Loads Of Time!


The Brainstorm feature in Jaaxy lets you scan through all the top trends on places like best sellers on Amazon, Google Trends, Alexa Topics, and Twitter Trends.

Finding new hot topics is easy, and you can add your own ideas to the brainstorming list for later research.

Search Analysis

Enter your keyword and find the top-ranking websites and their SEO information…Think of it as a website SEO audit.

Find out information like

1, The title of your competition’s website
2, The URL of the website
3, The websites meta description
4, The website meta keywords
5, Their websites word count
6, How many links are on their website
7, The website’s Alexa rank
8. Keyword density
9, Website backlinks
10, If the website is using Google Adsense

Jaaxy Search Annalysis

Affiliate Program Search

Finding affiliate programs to join for certain products can be time-consuming, this is where Jaaxy’s Affiliate Program search comes in.

Simply type your keyword or keywords and select your affiliate program provider and Jaaxy will run a search to find all affiliate programs involving your keyword.

To give you an example I have typed in the keyword “Weight Loss”

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Search

Why Use Jaaxy?

Without a doubt, Jaaxy is one powerful piece of software.

Jaaxy has grown my online business by giving me the information needed to generate endless free traffic.

Give Jaaxy a try for free. 30 free searches, also if you would like to learn how to make money online please do check out Wealthy Affiliate as they are my number one recommendation for a training course, as well as you will get Jaaxy inside of their platform.