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Hello and welcome to
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My name is Luke Moretti, I live in Golden Bay, New Zealand, and am super excited to have you here on one of my websites, as this shows me that you have shown interest in changing your lifestyle for the better.

It was only a few years back I was chained to the restrictions of a full-time job.

All hours of the mornings and nights, no proper time schedule, bosses that did not give a shit about me or anyone else, just as long as the job gets done.

After a major accident, I took matters into my own hands and started building a passive income to allow me to live a life with more financial freedom and flexibility than ever before!

If You Could Create The Ultimate Lifestyle, What Would It Look Like?

Everyone’s idea of success is different, although most would normally include having plenty of money, and time to do the things they want to do.

In other words, have complete financial freedom and flexibility.

To not be owned by a boss, or have to work days when other events are on.

More time for family, friends, or both.

Time to travel around the world and see things you’ve never seen.

Whatever your ultimate lifestyle is…We can show you how to get there.


But it all starts with you taking action…

How We Help!

Building passive income is one of the smartest things anyone can do to free up time for the future. Through a series of step-by-step training video tutorials, we guide you through the process of making money online with any passion, hobby, or interest.

Thousands all over the world want to break free from the working system but just don’t know how, well…I am about to show you exactly how ANYONE can learn to make money online, passively to free up their time, and start living life on their terms.

The banner below is of the Wealthy Affiliate training platform that teaches anyone the process of creating a passive online income.

They offer a free starter membership for anyone even just the slightest bit interested in seeing what it’s all about, and if you like what you are doing and see the potential, you can upgrade to one of the paid membership plans and get full access to all the tools, training, and support to get you breaking free from the rat race 9 – 5 work day.

What People Have Achieved Through
The Exact Same Training!

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Wealthy Affiliate Review
Wealthy Affiliate Review
Wealthy Affiliate Review
Wealthy Affiliate Review

Learn To Make Money Online In Just 4 Easy Steps!

Regardless of whether you want a little part-time cash or full-time wages, this is the perfect opportunity for both…the more you do the faster you will have success!

1 - Choose Your Niche

Being able to choose any niche to make money from is priceless. This means any of your passions, hobby's, or interests can make money online, and we teach you how!

2 - Build Your Website

No coding involved, just easy to customize templated website themes (Over 4000 to choose from) and easy to follow video guides on setting up! Get 1 free website with the "Free Starter Membership account"

3 - Attract Visitors

Free traffic techniques like blogging, means you don't have to spend money on advertising. We teach both free and paid ways of getting traffic! However it's always better if it's free!

4 - Monetize Your Website

This is done by becoming an Affiliate for other companies like, eBay, Aliexpress etc. Once approved into a program you can start adding links and earning!

Any Passion, Hobby, Or Interest Can Make Money!

You Don’t Need Your Own Products!

You Can Do This Anywhere In The World!

Unlimited Earnings!

Become Your Own Boss!

You Are Building Passive Income!

Extremely Low Startup and Running Costs!

You Are Building Your Freedom!

I remember the frustrations of being owned by my work, sacrificing all of my time for just enough money to get through, and having to do this over and over again.

There was never enough time to do the things I loved doing, and when I did get time off, I was buggered from the long hard week at work…

Trust me when I say there is another way to live, a better way, and it starts with building passive income!

Welcome To The World Of
Affiliate Marketing

If the term Affiliate Marketing is uncommon to you that is ok, it is simply the process of advertising another company’s product or service online and getting paid a commission upon sale for doing so. 

There are thousands of companies all over the world that offer affiliate programs to join. Companies like, Ali Express and, eBay, Clickbank,, and loads more.

Once you are approved into an affiliate program you have the right to help advertise that store’s products. 

That’s Right! ……….Access to millions of products at our fingertips…this is why and how any hobby, passion, or interest can make money! is just one of many affiliate programs I am involved in and as you can imagine the products in this store alone are almost endless, and I have millions of products to earn commissions from.

Start Building Your Ultimate Lifestyle Now!

This is the same online training platform I learned to make money online through and the same training that has helped me generate thousands of $ online.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is an online training platform that teaches people how to make money online through a series of easy-to-follow training video tutorials.

Founded in 2005 and owned by two guys Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon the Wealthy Affiliate platform has over 2.4 million accounts made, thousands of success stories, and offers the best training in helping people make money online affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership for anyone even the slightest bit interested in seeing what it’s all about and how it all works.

The free starter membership is 100% free and is exactly where I started!

This way if you feel that it’s not for you, nothing is lost and you can go on living your life the way it was…

If you feel it is for you and you can see the potential, you can upgrade to their premium or premium+ memberships, and really make the most of the platform, tools, community, help, training, and everything else inside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Depending on your budget Wealthy Affiliate has 3 membership plans. You can get started with the Free Starter Membership but I strongly urge you to go for Premium or Premium+ membership, unlock all the training, and go for gold!

Membership Plans

Start Free Online Business (4)

Free Starter Membership

The Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership is a great way to have a look around the system and see what it's all about. A free website, set up training videos as well as a few other goodies, but training videos are limited and tools have restrictions. All in all this is a great way to lets say, test drive the system.

Start Free Online Business

Premium Membership

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Is by far the most popular and is where most will go to really get the most out of the platform! Unlock all training modules, 52 expert classes a year, 24/7 help, a keyword research tool and everything else you need to be making money online, from home based around the things you love to do.

Start Free Online Business

Premium+ Membership

Wealthy Affiliate Premium+ Membership is where I am! This is the best of everything! Maxed out tools and software, website hosting and security for up to 10 websites! Over 200 expert classes per year live on webinar, unlimited priority support. The list goes on and on! Premium+ is a complete power usage package deal!

What You Will Learn To Do!

Throughout the training, you will learn many new skills, but all in all, you will be taught the skills to advertise products you don’t own, to people anywhere in the world at any time of the day…even when you are asleep!

You will learn how to build websites, and get free traffic through the power of blogging and other free traffic sources!

More importantly…

You will learn to build passive income streams online that will ultimately bring you complete financial freedom and flexibility!

All Based Around The Things You Love!!!

"Go and build your own dream, or someone else will hire you to build theirs"