1K A Day Fast Track Review – Scam Or Not?

1K A Day Fast Track Review

My honest and true 1K A day Fast Track Review.

Created by Merlin Holmes, this is one competitive program. The Fast Tracks training program teaches people how to build huge email lists, that convert into sales of more than 1k per day.

1K A Day Fast Track Review

My 1K A Day Fast Track Review

Product Name: 1K A Day Fast Track

Creator: Merlin Holmes

Official Website: www.https://learn.thefasttracks.com

Front-end Price: $1997 $997

Refund: Yes, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Niche: Email Marking, Affiliate Marketing, E-Business

Scam: No

Overall Rating: 4.1/5

Recommend: Yes, However, there is in my opinion a better platform >>> Discover my number one training platform recommendation here.

What Is 1k A Day Fast Track?

What Is 1k A Day Fast Tracks?

The Fast Tracks 1k A Day system by Merlin Holmes is a training platform that teaches anyone, young or old the skills needed to build massive email lists through polls.

Throughout the training, students are guided step-by-step to create their own polls using proven-to-work poll templates, and then shown how to drive traffic using 2nd tier sources which are about 1.5 of the cost of Facebook, Google, and Youtube advertising.

Unlike many other systems, you get to keep your email list.

Essentially, you are learning what is known as Affiliate Marketing. Building email lists is crucial in Affiliate Marketing as through these emails you will be sending pre-written emails, advertising products and/or services.

If you sell something…You get paid a commission for doing so.

This is how you will be making your money online $$$.

Who Is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin Holmes

Merlin Holmes is the brains and creator of the Fast Tracks system.

Merlin claims to have made over $15 million worth of sales from Affiliate Marketing in his multi-million dollar business over the last 15 years and has about 25 years of experience in the online industry.

His record of $14,000 in a single day is mind-blowing and is something for all of us to find inspiration from. Now I know this seems a lot, but once you see Merlin in action through this free webinar, you can see Merlin very much knows how to make money online…A lot of money $$$ and it is very clear that the 1k A Day Fast Tracks is definitely not a scam.

What's In The 1K A Day Fast Track Webinar?

By watching The Fast Tracks webinar you will get a good understanding of who Merlin Holmes is and how he works, talks, and operates.

Through the webinar, you will find out how Merlin uses a simple 3-step formula to create his income, the same formula that has brought Merlin $156,000 in Profit in just 30 days!

What's in fast tracks webinar

How Does 1K A Day Fast Track Work?

The Fast Track system as mentioned earlier teaches its members to make money through Affiliate Marketing. In other words, promoting other people’s products or services for a commission upon sale.

Countless methods of advertising are used in Affiliate Marketing, however, Merlin Holmes has made his fortune in Email marketing. This is what he teaches in his course.

How 1K A Day Works

Step 1: Finding Your Affiliate Products & Making Ad Copy

You will need to find products to advertise.

Merlin recommends finding the best, top-selling products from affiliate platforms like Clickbank.com, Digistore24.com, Commission Junction ( CJ.com), etc.

Merlin says to get these products or services as if they are already top-selling products. this means the sales pages and ad copy are converting well.

Once you have found products, you will start gathering information for your ad copy.

Once you have this information, you can enter it into the tool that you are given in your 1K Per Day Fast Tracks back office, and this will generate your final online banner and ad copy.

Step 2: Creating Your Interactive Landing Page

This is where things get interesting.

Using highly converting micro-commitments and interactive strategies on our landing pages, we can trigger the emotional side of people by getting them to do little actions when prompted.

This has been tested by thousands of online companies and has proved to be more beneficial than video or text sales pages.

Your Landing page will ask a series of questions that your user will respond to by ticking boxes, choosing options, etc, and when it comes time to reveal their answer they will be prompted by an email pop-up that requests their email in order to get their answer.

These emails are all stored in your email autoresponder ( Discussed in training ) service provider. Usually Mailchimp, Getresponce, Aweber…Most email service providers start from around $15 per month

Building your landing page this way is excellent for building email lists, and allows you to build custom pages to suit your niche’s target market.

Step 3: Your Offer Page

Once someone has filled out the questionnaire and entered their email address, Their email address is stored in your list ( Email Service Provider) and the potential buyer will then be redirected to your sales or offer page.

Step 4: Make Your Money $

After the email is entered the potential buyer is redirected to your affiliate sales page for them to look around.

If they make a purchase you will get a commission.

If they don’t make a purchase, you will not get any money but will have their email so you can re-advertise products or services in the same niche by email, further gaining a chance for a sale.

How Much Does 1K A Day Fast Tracks Cost?

The banners they use like the one above are very compelling, If it was really as easy as just sending emails, we would all be rich.

The 1K A Day Fast Track membership was $1997, although for a limited time it is now $997.

You will also need money for ClickFunnels which starts at $97 a month, as well as your email service provider $15 a month.

The course also teaches paid advertising, and I would recommend having $200 – $300 set aside for this.

You should more than likely have a few sales after spending this much on advertising so don’t worry, you should make back the amount spent on advertising, and make a good profit.

Total To Buy Into System…I would set aside $1500 to start this program.

If you follow the training you will make money but will take time to build an email list, and you are never certain on how much advertising will cost.

Fast Track Program Breakdown

The 1K A Day Fast Track program layout is designed to run over a 6 week period, and each week has a series of mini-courses to complete.

In the training, Merlin talks about his methods of making money which you are allowed to copy and use online.

The course will leave you with an in-depth amount of knowledge in the affiliate marketing industry.

You will be taught everything from finding your first product or service. Setting up an email provider/ autoresponder service right through to setting up and customizing your very own landing pages and polls.

You will be taught how to drive traffic to your landing pages and how to collect email addresses.

This course is a complete and in-depth legitimate program.

Fast Track Weekly Course Layout

Week 1: A Total Of 9 Lessons.

This section starts off with Merlin showing you glimpses of what is in the course and how you will be making money online. Straight after that you are into making your Clickbank account, and guided into getting your first online sale.

Week 2: A Total Of 9 Lessons

This section opens you up to email marketing and how it can be a huge advantage to use it.

You will be guided into setting up a basic poll, yes or no type questions, and shown how to implement these into your landing pages to get maximum conversions.

If all of this is sounding overwhelming…don’t fear, everything is taught from an over-the-shoulder point of view, and you can always re-watch videos until you are confident you have done everything correctly.

Week 3: A Total Of 9 Lessons

Now you understand how to set up landing pages and collect email addresses, you can now start learning how to set up and run your first email campaign.

In week 3 Merlin takes you through the process of setting up your first successful email campaign and gives you access to proven email templates that you can use in your email promotions.

These email templates have proven to convert records and are perfect to alter into your own promotional email campaigns and work converting subscribers into buyers.

Week 4: A Total Of 5 Lessons

This module touches on several different affiliate marketing strategies that you can start using right away in your own marketing efforts.

These strategies will give you an advantage over many affiliate marketing newbies and will help your overall success if executed correctly.

Week 5: A Total Of 4 Lessons

This section brings more secrets and methods of professional affiliate marketers. This will help target your market and will help people you want, help find YOU!

Keyword research is one fantastic technique I always use personally to help target my market.

Week 6: A Total Of 5 Lessons

Chances are you have had your first sale, and if things are going well, you have had a few more as well.

During week 6 you will be shown how to find more top-selling products or services that you can promote.

Merlin shows you how to maximize your income and grow your business to its full potential.

My Fast Track Program Opinion

1K A Day fast track is an excellent course that teaches you a great deal about Affiliate Marketing.

The course is perfect for beginners and people with affiliate marketing experience.

Merlin explains things well and holds nothing back when explaining his methods.

The course was great, and the information is in-depth and accurate.

Who Is The 1K A Day Fast Track For?

The fast track system is designed for anyone wanting to get out of their current situation and free themselves by building passive online income streams.

I did it! and I know thousands more all over the world are doing it.

YOU CAN TOO! >>> View my #1 training recommendation here

As you can see the platform is an easy layout, and tools are accessible from your home screen.

1K A Day FAQs

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Yes, there is a 60 day no fuss money back

Q: How long does it take to make money

A: Everyone is different but if you do like the training says you can make money within a few days..

Q: Is there other costs involved?

A: Just like any business, it will require a small financial investment. There are monthly subscriptions needed to run the business, and advertising costs if any.

Q: Can I make money even if I have no previous experience?

A: Absolutely, The platform and training methods have been made to accommodate for the inexperienced computer newbie, to the affiliate marketing veteran.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Fast Tracks Course

In this 1K A Day Fast Track review I have been as honest and in-depth as I can be and I hope this helps your decision in finding the right program for you.

Here are the pros and cons of the Fast Track System.

  • The program is designed for everyone, even if you have no experience.
  • The methods that are used are relevant and true
  • Once set up, you are earning money in your sleep
  • The course teaches in an easy-to-learn way. Video tutorials.
  • There are email and landing page templates for you to use in your own marketing campaigns. These are proven to convert and are a huge advantage.
  • The free webinar is great to watch before making up your mind on purchasing the system
  • It is risk-free as there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The course is on the expensive side, although once you start getting money on auto, it’s a small initial investment.
  • The intro webinar is a little long
  • Could discuss free traffic methods a little more
  • The prices or income reports shown are not typical but are very real and attainable.

How To Start The 1K A Day Program

Starting the Fast Track program is easy. Just watch the intro webinar and then join. After that, you will have access to the Fast Track Members area where you can make a start with the training.

1: >>> Watch The Intro Webinar <<<
2 : Purchase The System
3: Start The Training

My 1K A Day Fast Track Review Conclusion

The course is a little on the expensive side, however, the course is accurate and is very understandable.

There are a few extra costs that do ad up, but you must realize that in any business there will be outgoings for tools, software, etc.

The Fast Track program is definitely not a scam and I hope I have helped you in any way through this 1K A Day Fast Track Review.

If this course sounds like you >>> Please Start Here By Watching The Webinar

If this course is too expensive or just doesn’t sound like you, please do check out my #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Program Recommendation by clicking the button below.

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  1. Having your own business is the way to go. Everyone is doing that in this day and age. Now, having your own online business is even better. You can literally work from the comfort of your own home and still make money. You can even make money in your sleep! I would advice anyone and everyone to read this review 

    1. Absolutely, I worked my arse off for 15 years as a concrete placer and finisher, and at the end of it, I was injured, could not go back, I was erased like I was never even there. Employers do not care about their staff.

      We are all just numbers in a system.

      Working for myself online gave me freedom, money, and a happier lifestyle.

      Anyone can make a change for the better, and if you are interested in an online business please do check out the details here. Startfreeonlinebusiness.com

  2. I’ve always been interested in email marketing.
    Various articles came up like a flood of articles through a Google search, but there was no proper criterion for judging. This is the first time that such a detailed explanation has been given. The refund system of 1k a day fast track seems to be good too.
    Thank you for allowing me to understand the structure of email marketing a little now.

    1. Hello, Great to know you got some helpful information out of the blog. Email marketing is one of many crucial components in affiliate marketers being successful.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and visit my website.

  3. Only thing with this is there is very little information about Merlin Homes online which makes me sceptical. Also there will be extra costs that need to be considered outside his program – eg. click funnels, etc. I wouldn’t trust him personally as there is not enough info about him.

    1. Yes as mentioned in the article there are other costs involved, however, most newbie affiliate marketers will usually have very little to start spending on expensive tools. This is why my number one recommendation for learning to make money online, still remains Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Imagine what you could do with an extra $1,000 in your pocket each day. With The 1K A Day Fast Track system by Merlin Holmes, that’s exactly what you can achieve!

    This comprehensive course shows you how to make money through Affiliate Marketing – promoting other people’s products or services for a commission on sale. Using tried-and-tested methods, Merlin Holmes has made his fortune in email marketing, and now he wants to share his secrets with you.

  5. Finally, actually a person that knows what he’s doing when teaching people stuff related to affiliate marketing and making a living online. And he’s not a fictional character like most. I mean, I’ve come across so many scams these days; it’s nuts. This feels like a breath of fresh air.

    Yeah, I would love to earn $14,000 a day. That’s the goal. And I think one of the most important steps in actually achieving that is to first try to emulate someone who has.

    To that end, you could even say that I don’t care much about any program. I care about who created it. And if the person who created it is the real deal. That’s a course I’m willing to invest in.

    Thank you for bringing this one to my attention. Cheers. 🙂

    P. S. I absolutely loved the FAQ and Pros & Cons sections. <3

    1. Hey, cheers for your comment.

      Absolutely right you are! Yes, the frequently asked questions are great for the reader and I always try to answer the most common questions.

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