Social Sales Rep Review – Social Scam Or Get Involved?

Social Sales Rep Review

This social sales rep review is my own personal opinion and is not biased in any way at all towards the program.

I am not a member of the Social Sale Rep system nor have I been actively involved in the system.

Overall this Social Sales Rep review is to inform you of the pros and cons of the system and if I would recommend the program.

My Social Sales Rep Review

Product Name: Social Sale Rep

Official Website: www.

Front-end Price: $27

Refund: Yes, 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Niche: Work from home online / phone, Social media marketing

Scam: No – This is a legit program and sold on other marketplaces

Overall Rating: 2.6 / 5

Recommend: No, there is in my opinion a better platform.

As far as a complete training course goes this one is missing out on major fundamentals on building a long term passive income >>> Discover my number one training platform recommendation here

What Is Social Sales Rep?

Social Sales Rep Review

Social Sales Rep is an online training platform that assists you in finding the perfect online job or jobs for you to start making money at home.

The course claims to teach anyone how to make large amounts of cash online by sharing and advertising eBooks on social media platforms.

The system is designed for you to be able to build a home-based online business working on or around niches that you are interested in.

Upon joining the program you will have access to all the training and tools you need to start making money from home. The Social sale rep program is ideal if you are online often or just want a change in carrier, however, I do find it is lacking detailed information in several areas of affiliate marketing and other aspects that I do think are important.

You are guided through the steps of finding online jobs that suit your interests using the advanced social sales rep job database.

Social sales rep is a legitimate business platform and during the training, you will be guided on how to write winning job applications that will get you to work straight away.

In many ways you will be affiliate marketing, helping to drive traffic to offers, promotions, or products.

Making Money With Social Sales Rep?

Making money with Social Sales Rep is what many would call easy…if you actually gave it a go and stuck with the training.

Just like any program or course, it takes practice. 

I have been an affiliate marketer for many years now and in my opinion, it’s easy to make money once you know how.

Just like affiliate marketing you are able to find products or services on other platforms like and help advertise these on social media websites.

There are also many websites already looking for people to help run their websites as well. 

This can help you find work quickly if you are in need of fast cash, and aren’t too concerned about what you are doing to get it.

Steps To Making Money With Social Sales Rep

  1. Sign up to the Social Sales Rep program
  2. Follow the training and join affiliate programs like,, etc
  3. You will be given eBooks to add your affiliate links into.
  4. Promote these eBook’s on social media platforms, blogs, etc
  5. Earn commissions on sales made through your eBook’s / affiliate links

How Much Does Social Sale Rep Cost?

The cost of Social Sale Rep is just $27 and this also comes with a 60-day money back, no questions asked guarantee.

The course is not expensive, however, there are some hidden upsells that I am never too fond of, and feel this is a little deceitful.

You can make money without buying the upsells, although purchasing the upsells will help you and your business, as online tools and better software are valuable.

Who Is Social Sale Rep For?

Who Is Social Sale Rep For?

This type of make money online opportunity is for anyone wanting to invest time to learn a new skill to make money online.

Overall this type of job is labeled as affiliate marketing which is a legitimate way to make money online.

The program is not expensive, and it does teach you how to make money online, which is the aim of the game here.

Who Is Social Sale Rep For?

  • Anyone wanting to make money online
  • Anyone wanting to work from home or the freedom to work anywhere.
  • Anyone looking for a fresh start
  • Anyone of any age can start
  • Anyone wanting to start an online business
  • Anyone wanting to supplement their income

Is Social Sales Rep A Scam?

There is no scam alert with Social Sale Rep as there is potential to earn money through the skills taught in their course, however, there is one big question on my mind and that is where are the owners and creators information?.

Where are all the testimonials for the Social Sale Rep program?

Social Sales Rep is not a scam, although I do question its ability to actually help newbies make a living online.

The course is cheap, and in my opinion, rushed. 

There is loads of hype and a few upsells in the program, this is ok but I do find it unnecessary, and misleading.

The course states it is perfect for newbies but I have to disagree and would recommend Wealthy Affiliate any day as this is my number one training recommendation.

Social Sales Rep Pros And Cons

Social Sales Rep Pros And Cons

There are pros and cons for every make money online program or course.

After researching the program and reading other Social Sales Rep reviews I think the Social Sales Rep pros and cons show themselves very clearly.

Social Sales Rep Pros And Cons

Pro’s to Social Sales Rep
  • Anyone can start with Social Sale Rep
  • It is not a scam, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business opportunity
  • You can make money from this
  • You can do this from anywhere in the world
  • They offer a refund

Cons to Social Sales Rep

  • The course is average and is in my opinion not detailed enough
  • Having upsells in the training is misleading and this should be made clear upon signing up.
  • There is not enough information on the creators of Social Sale Rep.
  • There is a lot of hype in the promo videos and promotional material for you to be earning huge dollars.
  • Not validated with testimonials

Is Social Sales Rep Worth It?

In my opinion no!

The Social Sale Rep course is not worth investing your time or money into.

The course is misleading and unclear. There is loads of missing information and in my experience, if you are wanting to make money online, it takes effort, time, focus, and practice.

There is no such thing as fast money online, especially if you are new to the industry, and Social Sale Rep is built and sold on hype and other marketing strategies.

Social Sale Rep FAQs

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Yes, there is a 60 day no fuss money back

Q: How long does it take to make money

A: Everyone, and every situation is different but if you do like the training says you can make money within a few days..

Q: Is there other costs involved?

A: Just like any business, it will require a small financial investment. There are monthly subscriptions needed to run the business, and advertising costs if any. There are upsells throughout the Social Sale Rep course.

Q: Can I make money even if I have no previous experience?

A: Absolutely, The platform and training methods are tried, tested and proven and the methods used are commonly used in the affiliate marketing world.

Social Sale Reps Review Conclusion

Although the course is legit and you can make money and benefit from the Social Sale Rep course, I would not recommend.

Please do check out my number one make money online training course recommendation.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is detailed, respected and is everything you need all in one place.

I hope this Social Sale Rep review has help you in your decision to become a member or not.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to leave a reply I will be sure to read and/or reply.

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