Another Huge Sale! – $6000 Overnight!

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Another Huge Sale On Amazon!

I’ve had some large orders in a single night/day before, but this one is my largest to date.

This will not be a long blog, but rather a short and hopefully inspirational blog to show others what I have achieved, and what you to are able to achieve if you work for it.

After getting up and having my morning coffee I checked my Amazon associates account, and wow! 12 items were ordered totaling $6,241.59 in revenue giving me a total of $188.64 USD in commissions which equates to $297.04 NZD ( My currency )

Orders are coming in more and more often and I can see the growth happening after every blog I write or post I share on my websites or social media channels.

Below is the list of the products ordered from through one of my websites.

How Am I Making This Money?

The method or process I use to make my money online is known as Affiliate Marketing and if you have never heard of this, that’s ok, it was new to me as well only a few years back as well.

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of advertising someone else’s product or service online, and if someone buys a product or service through one of your methods of advertising, you get paid a commission.

Affiliate Marketing has very quickly gained popularity in becoming the number one online job opportunity in the world, and people all over the world are getting online, and getting involved.

Reasons to start affiliate marketing

  1. This can be done from anywhere in the world!
  2. You don’t need products!
  3. You are building passive income!
  4. You work for yourself! You are your own boss!
  5. Unlimited earnings!
  6. Any passion, hobby, or niche can make money!
  7. No startup costs and running costs are extremely low!
  8. Free Starter Membership for training if you know where to go!
  9. You are building your freedom! A better lifestyle, and a better way of living!
  10. It beats working for someone else any day!

Working for that weekly paycheck sux!

Never enough money to ever really get ahead, but enough to keep you afloat, comfortable, and locked into the system.

Hourly Wage Vs Passive Income Online

There is absolutely no comparison.

Working online from home based on the things I love to do is an absolute dream, and I know if you jump on board and get started you can start earning passive income like the ones I have shared below…

I have pages and pages of the same recurring revenue, and it is still growing to date…but this is just a wee glimpse into what is possible with the right training, and the right attitude.

All of this money is in USD and in New Zealand, my currency, this equates to a lot more!

Keep in mind, once set up, this money keeps flowing in, on auto pilot, and most of the time while I am asleep!

Another WA Payment
WA More payments
Income from WA
WA pay slip
Another WA Pay

How To Start Affiliate Marketing?

As mentioned earlier in this blog, Affiliate marketing can be started for free, and is available for anyone, from anywhere in the world to take advantage of.

Just like any other business or make-money venture, it takes work, focus, dedication, and the ability to learn and practice.

Trust me when I say the end result is worth it!

If affiliate marketing sounds like something you might be interested in please do find out more details by clicking the button below.

Taking action, get online, and start building the life you deserve! 

This is the exact same training platform I trained at, and is one of the only affiliate marketing training platforms I would recommend in the world.

Take Action…Get Involved…And I’ll see you inside of the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

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