My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review – Scam Or Not?

This is my honest Wealthy Affiliate review for 2023.

I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate member for a few years now and have completed all of the training modules 100% as well as have an excellent understanding of the training platform, membership plans, and what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

My honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

What we will cover in this Wealthy Affiliate Review:

My Wealthy Affiliate Review - Overall Rating

🆓The free starter membership is actually free!

🤑I have made money on multiple websites using the training taught!

🔥The membership plans are very competitive!

🌎Training and information to a worldwide audience!

💖I am still an active member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform!

My Overall Rating

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit

The Wealthy Affiliate training platform is 100% legit and I can assure you it is not a scam.

Through the Wealthy Affiliate training, I have been able to generate sales in many different niches and the amount of sales is growing along with my websites.

However, I can understand where some people may find it hard and do not see a dime for their investment.

This is because some are more motivated and driven than others, I mean why do some make money with the training and some don’t…? we are all given the same training to learn from.

The course is set up and structured in a way that works for most.

It’s impossible to please everybody…but still, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

Is The Wealthy Affiliate Training Still Relevant For Today

I agree that some of the training videos need to be updated and are now starting to un-aline with some other tools that are mentioned in the training.

Having said this, I and many more people are still completing the course with a successful outcome.

Keep in mind, no matter the course, information is very quickly outdated or changed. Wealthy Affiliate do have regular updates, as well as 24/7 help for anyone that is stuck in the training…

All in all, the training in the Wealthy Affiliate platform is well in truly relevant today, and the course is a great way to get started with affiliate marketing.

Are People Actually Making Money Through Wealthy Affiliate

Success stories are happening on a daily basis through the Wealthy Affiliate platform and knowing this helps give thousands around the world more inspiration to get involved.

I have personally generated $1000s online since I started with the Wealthy Affiliate platform and I know many more that have had success with the training and community through Wealthy Affiliate as well

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Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

From complete newbies to the advanced affiliate marketer, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is for all levels of affiliate marketers alike.

Who can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate’s training and hosting platform:

  • Anyone looking to start making money online
  • Anyone wanting to build their freedom away from the normal 9-5 job
  • Anyone looking at supplementing their income
  • Anyone of any age can learn to make money online
  • People in between job carriers
  • Motivated entrepreneurs
  • People that want to travel and earn
  • People who want more out of life
  • People that want to turn their passion, hobby, or interest into a full time income

The Wealthy Affiliate University is for anyone looking to build a future with more financial freedom and flexibility than you will ever have working for someone else.

My Thoughts On The Wealthy Affiliate Membership Plans

There are only 3 Wealthy Affiliate membership plans that are available when signing up with Wealthy Affiliate.

these are:

😀The Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership:

The Wealthy Affiliate free starter membership is available for anyone who wants to check out the system to see if it is for them before investing any money.

The free starter membership is equipped with a free website, some training videos on setting up, a good look at the platform, how it works, and overall enough of an idea to see if you want to continue.

The free starter membership has limited training videos and tools, but this is ideal for anyone even just the slightest bit interested in seeing what it’s all about.

😁The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership is where it’s at! Unlock all the core training videos and get access to all the tools and training Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. You will also get access to 52 expert classes per year…These are priceless!

This is where most people end up! The cost of this is $49 per month. About $12.25 USD per week.

Pitence to get set up and run an online business, with training, website hosting, and security for multiple websites. A keyword research tool, live weekly classes and so much more!

😋The Wealthy Affiliate Premium + Membership

The Premium+ membership is for the established affiliate marketer that wants the best of all tools, training, and services that WA has to offer. An advanced server with faster load times.

200 expert classes per year and unlimited priority support.

The Premium+ membership plan is $99 per month.

This is the membership plan I have and I could not be happier 🙂 Overall my thoughts on the Wealthy Affiliate membership plans are good. These are very competitive membership deals!

>>> View Full Membership Plans & Pricing Here <<

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money, Wealthy Affiliate review

In my opinion absolutely, and I know many others share my thoughts as well.

The premium membership unlocks access to all the tools, training, help, websites, hosting, and security for up to 3 websites, etc.

The cost of this is $49 per month which works out to be $ 12.25 USD per week.

For me in NZ this works out to be around $16 – $17 per week.

That’s the same as one combo from Mcdonald’s or 3 take-out coffees from Starbucks.

To run an online business that can earn unlimited amounts of money…people do not have to sacrifice much to have it all. Just one Mcdonald’s combo!

There is no comparison that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth the money.

Pros & Cons To Wealthy Affiliate

Just like every course there are pros and cons. As much as I love Wealthy Affiliate and all it has to offer, there are a few points that I will acknowledge both the good and the not so good.

Pros To Wealthy Affiliate

🆓There is a free starter membership that is actually free!

🤑I and thousands more have made, and are making money using the methods taught in the Wealthy Affiliate training!

🔥The membership plans are very competitive, and when broken down to a weekly amount, it is very little to run an online business!

🌎Training and information to a worldwide audience!

💖I am still an active member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform!

🆘24/7 help available and a huge community help message box!

🏆Thousands of success Wealthy Affiliate success stories!

They are an all in one training and hosting platform with tools included!

Cons To Wealthy Affiliate

👨‍🎓There are some segments of the training that need some updating!

😴It can take some people a while to start making money!

💰Wealthy Affiliate typically does not give back refunds, however, refunds have been given to people that have asked, although I am not sure of the process or time it takes to be issued.

🔊The second part of the training “Affiliate Bootcamp” is a little tilted towards advertising Wealthy Affiliate itself, however, they do need to use a product or service as an example in the training, so it may as well be their platform. The idea is that you can implement the training on any product or service.

Other Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Other Wealthy Affiliate reviews are important as it reinforces the fact that many people are indeed becoming successful online thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I count myself very fortunate to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

I count myself very fortunate to have stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate. The only platform I know that teaches the fundamentals of building an online business and at the same time provides us with all the tools necessary for our success. The top-notch mentorship and webinars/classes that is offered to all members is priceless. It would be worth a lot of money if taken outside of Wealthy Affiliate. The unparalleled service provided by Site Support 24/7 is amazing. The friendly, supportive community of entrepreneurs who are always willing to help each other out.
I have never seen nor experienced anything like this before. The brilliant leadership of Kyle & Carson always brings innovations that take our experience to the next level. It is on this platform that anyone can TURN PASSION INTO A THRIVING ONLINE BUSINESS.

Date of experience: 06 December 2022

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Wealthy Affiliate Review from Tom

I like it here with WA because they are a serious business with a serious interest in seeing you and your business doing well and succeeding in the online aspect of the internet. They have provided all the tools and knowledge you will need and as well as support staff that are ready and willing to give a hand up if needed. I have not been in business very long but have done my research and they are the best I have come across. I am pleased to call myself a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Date of experience: 11 February 2023

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The Wealthy Affiliate Experience

Wealthy Affiliate is rapidly becoming my saving grace. Although I have only been with WA for a short time, three months, I have gained more knowledge through WA in that time than the past three years using other methods.

WA represents the best in affiliate marketing hands down. I believe in their offerings so strongly that I recommend their services every chance I get. I wish that I had joined years ago.

Date of experience: 23 September 2021