How To Choose A Niche Online – How To Find Profitable Niches

Learning how to choose a niche online is as easy as reading this blog and following the steps needed to do so.

This is the first crucial step in building any online business, brand, or store, and getting off on the right foot can save you loads of time, effort, stress, and sometimes money.

The term “niche” is almost outdated in affiliate marketing and we now tend to focus more on sub-niches, or micro-niches as these have less global competition, and consumers are being very specific about what they are searching for, as opposed to typing in broad niche searches on Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines.

How to choose a niche online

Steps On How To Choose A Niche Online

Here are the steps to help you find out how to choose a niche online. 

If you follow these steps you will find profitable niches online with less competition, and lots of room for you to fit in the market.

  1. Decide on your broad niche. For example…”Beach”
  2. Run a search on Jaaxy keyword research tool to see what people are searching for based on that niche.
  3. Look at the data shown for the search.
  4. Re-click on any possible keyword that shows good traffic, a low QSR score, and ideally the .com is available. In this case, there is nothing available, and there is not much room to enter the market.
  5. Keep searching for ideas based on the beach niche…I will now try “beach sports.
Jaaxy search keyword tool, beaches

I tried my next search on “beach sports” and this returned some very interesting results… unfortunately no real good niches to enter based around “Beaches, but there were “beach toys” which caught my attention, so down the rabbit hole I go and clicked on “Beach sports toys” to find more micro-niches based around that keyword.

These are the Jaaxy results for the search “Beach Sports Toys”

The results are great, and we have really identified a gap in the market based on the beach niche.

In fact, there are loads of options available, and the best Micro-niches to start I have marked with a red dot.

Jaaxy keyword research tool, Beach sports toys

Why Choose A Micro Niche Over A Broad Niche

If you, me, or anyone for that matter, searches for something or someone on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, we type in what we are after, and in many cases exactly what we are after.

For example, If someone is searching for a car online, they would not just search for “car”, they would first narrow that down to the type of vehicle, like a car, van, SUV, etc, and then further sort into make, model, year, Manual or Automatic, maybe color as well, and so on and so on.

In such a competitive world there are now thousands of options for almost all passions, hobbies, or interests, and breaking these down into smaller micro-niches is something that must be done if you are looking at starting any kind of online or offline business.

Why choose a micro-niche over a broad niche?

  1. There is more room to enter the market.
  2. You are really targeting the market you are after.
  3. You will gain traffic faster and with a hunger for your business.
  4. You will not get pushed out of the market after a year of trying to get into it.
  5. You will own the niche market you started online. Wirth little to no competition, you can very quickly own the online real estate for that niche.

How To Choose A Niche Online

To find a micro-niche we first must know what niche we are starting with. I would suggest avoiding going after mainstream niches as these are very tough markets to enter, and if you do, you will need to be very specific in what micro niche you are going to pick.

To find out what niches are available and worth diving into I use an online tool named Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is a powerful online tool that allows me to find information on niches, like how many times people are searching for certain products or services every month on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.

Other Information That Jaaxy Tells Us

  1. How many times people are typing in certain keywords
  2. The average amount of traffic I will get to my website if my blog for that keyword ranks in search engines.
  3. The competition worldwide for that keyword.
  4. Whether or not your chances of ranking are good or not.
  5. An SEO score for that keyword.
  6. If the keyword is available to buy as a domain name.
What Is A SEO Keyword

How To Choose A Niche Online With Jaaxy

For this example, I have chosen the keyword ” Natural wood ” and have run a search using Jaaxy, for this keyword.

The results are as follows…

The red dots is where to pay attention.

Natural wood search on Jaaxy

The results tell me, there are on average 831 people every month looking up “natural wood” and the .com for this keyword has been taken already.

The QSR is 141 which tells me there is some competition but is still possible to squeeze into the market.

These results are ok for the still rather broad niche “natural wood” however, I though I would dig into the “natural wood” niche a little more to see what I could find…

Natural wood jewelry search on Jaaxy

This search shows some promise for the keywords “Natural wood jewelry” and “Natural wood jewelry box”.

Both the .coms are available…

Both the QSR scores are well below 100 which is ideal (The lower the better )

The average monthly traffic could be a little higher but this is still ok.

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