Get Your Blog Ranked On Google – 11 Things You Need To Do!

get your blog ranked on Google

If you are wanting to get your blog ranked on Google there are a few things you need to do in regard to your blog layout, and blog content as Google favors blogs that are easy to read, and structured in a certain way.

Once you learn how to construct your blogs properly you will see hopefully see an increase in your blogs rankings, however, there are more factors to consider when trying to get your blogs ranked.

How To Get Your Blog Ranked On Google

  1. Blogs should be around 800 – 1200 words on average. some more some less
  2. You NEED to do keyword research with a keyword research tool
  3. Always use a focus keyword
  4. Always have your focus keyword in your SEO title
  5. Always include the focus keyword in the first paragraph
  6. Use your focus keyword in H2 and H3 headings throughout your blog
  7. Include your focus keyword in an “image alt attribute”
  8. Include at least 1 internal website link
  9. Include one outgoing link to another website
  10. Include the focus keyword in the URL
  11. Always use the focus keyword in the meta description, both the heading and snippet
get your blog ranked on Google

Each and every one of these steps is important and leaving out just one or two of these noted points, can be the difference between getting ranked or not, and if you are not, you are missing out on traffic to your blogs and/or website.

Other Factors To Consider To Get Your Blog Ranked On Google

Now besides the list of must-do’s to get your blog ranked on Google, there are of course other things that should be done, and or considered if your blogs are not ranking on Google.

1 – How old is your website?

If your website is new and without much information on it, chances are you are still catching up with your competition and Google is still not finding it worthy of ranking.

2 – Is your website indexed in search engines?

If you have not done, you will need to tell Google that your website exists. We can manually do this by completing a number of steps in Google search Console >>> Link Here >>>

3 – Too much competition

There are now thousands upon thousands of websites based around the main generic niches like health, fitness, food, gym and workout, gaming, etc. If you decide to go with a broad niche it will take you a looooong time to squeeze in the market and start ranking, nowadays we focus more on micro-niches which are loads easier to gain authority and rank for.

Using Keyword Research To Help Get Your Blog Ranked On Google

The first major step to take, and possibly one of the most important is to conduct some keyword research to find out which keywords are being searched for, how many times a month and the competition you will have to get your blog ranked on Google.

To do this I use a keyword research tool named Jaaxy.

Jaxxy is a very advanced search tool that gives us all the information needed to start your blog off on the right foot.

More On Jaxxy and Keyword Here <<<

get your blog ranked on Google, Jaaxy keyword research tool

Plugins To Help Your Blog Rank On Google

If you are not familiar with the “All in One SEO” plugin, then you will need to install this in your WordPress back office, under your plugins tab, then add new plugin.

This will take you to the plugins page, search for “All In One SEO”

Install and activate.

The All In One SEO plugin will help assist you with linking to your Google search console, and this will give you info on your website from your back office screen.

More importantly, as you write blogs you will have an automatic checklist that will inform you of all the major must-do’s to get your blog ranked on Google.

I also use the “Elementor” website builder drag and drop plugin, which auto adds the “All in One SEO” plugin into your blog editor.

  1. To find out your SEO score, from your post editor click the top drop-down bar or the bottom cog at the bottom.
  2. Click on the AIOSEO Tab, and then the “General tab”
  3. From here you will see a list of your blog’s attributes. Which ones need to be done, which ones you have done, and more importantly, where you can add your blog focus keyword.
How to check your seo
SEO cog button to help get get your blog ranked on Google

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