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What is a keyword search tool

What are keywords and what is a keyword search tool?

When it comes to online marketing and sales in any way, shape, or form, keywords and a keyword search tool are always in the spotlight for the first and most important steps.

Without keywords and keyword research, searches conducted on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines would never exist.

Before we dive into an answer to the question ” What is a keyword search tool? firstly let’s look at what a keyword is and how you use them in everyday scenarios.

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that describes something someone wants to find information on.

This keyword or phrase is usually typed into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Youtube and will show a list of results based on your searched keyword.

It can be one word or many words combined to get a better result.

For example…

I wanted to find my 5-year-old son a small plastic bucket to play with at the beach, I search the keyword “Bucket” on Google…Unfortunately, this did not help and the results showed large buckets for rubbish, a few garden buckets, and large Miter 10 Mega buckets.

My keyword is not specific enough…

I then tried a better mix of keywords and used…

“Small Bucket…This just showed much the same as the previous search…

I then tried ” Small Kids Bucket…Finally some luck…just still not the colorful buckets I had in mind…One more search…

“Small Kids Play Bucket…And this finally gave me some results that I wanted…

This is the importance of knowing what you are after and being very specific with your keywords when conducting searches. 

Who Should Use A Keyword Search Tool?

If you work online in any way, a keyword search tool like Jaaxy, will definitely help you and your online business.

Through this search tool, we are able to find information on our target market, and what exact words they are using to find what it is they are looking for.

People should use a keyword search tool if they…

1, Work online
2, Are in advertising
3, Affiliate marketing >>> Learn How to make money from Affiliate Marketing here! <<<
4, Sell products or services
5, Trying to collect leads and/or email addresses
6, Trying to target your niches market
8, Blogging or article writing
9, People running PPC ads
10, Anyone that wants to help their business

What Is A Keyword Search Tool?

A Keyword search tool, is a tool that conducts research based on keywords, and keyword phrases, and then displays results in a way that gives us inside information on different areas of online business and marketing.

There are many different keyword search tools available online and knowing how to use just one keyword search tool will help any business grow to new heights.

Jaaxy ( My personal favorite ) tells me information about my target market and what exactly they are after…

For example…An online store that sells school bags wants to launch a marketing campaign to help people find their store online and to help drive sales…

This is perfect for Jaaxy…

If we type the keyword “Buy School Bag” into Jaaxy keyword search tool, we will be shown a list of keywords related to the search term “School Bags” this is what keywords are being typed into Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines, when people are trying to find a school bag.

Jaxxy will also tell us how many people are looking up these keywords every month, as well as give us some other crucial information.

How A Keyword Search Tool Helps

Working online myself, and making money through Affiliate Marketing I can only stress how important it is to use a keyword search tool to help your business.

Through using keywords we are able to find loads of information based on the market or niche you are involved in.

Using the same keyword from the example earlier, Here are the results for the search “School Bag”

Ave = Number of times that keyword is searched per month
Traffic = Average amount of traffic your website will get if you wrote a blog that ranks on page 1 of Google search results
QSR = ( Quoted search result ) How many articles or blogs have been written with this keyword…or how much competition there is for that keyword. Lower the better.
KQI = ( Keyword quality indicator ) If your chances of ranking for that keyword are good
SEO = Higher the better…More chance to rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Jaaxy keyword research tool

As you can see on average “School Bag” is typed into Google 8597 times per month, and has a QSR score of 128. This QSR score is high which means there is lots of competition to rank on search results for that exact keyword.

The keyword “Girls School Bags” is searched 448 times per month and has a QSR score of only 33. This is perfect to write a blog on with “Girls School Bags” being the main focus keyword.

If your blog ranks on page 1 of Google you will get on average 77 visitors per month to your website.

Blogging is a free traffic source and is how I make most of my money online! I owe all my online success to Wealthy Affiliate and strongly recommend you to check them out.

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Using A Keyword Search Tool For PPC Advertising

Knowing What keywords to use when running PPC ad campaigns is crucial when getting the most out of your money for ads.

By using a keyword search tool like Jaaxy, we can see exactly what keywords and key phrases people are searching for.

By doing this we can really target our market and only bid on keywords that are relevant to what we are advertising…EXACTLY!

For Example…

If I was selling t-shirts with a funny slogan on them I could run a PPC advert through Microsoft or Google, that will show my ad to anyone that types in a pre-selected keyword list.

Let’s say my keyword list is made up of…
“Buy Tshirt”
“Buy Funny Slogan Tshirt”
“Buy Plain Tshirt”

So if someone types in “Tshirt” My ad would show in the search results and hopefully attract a visitor to my website. Chances are I would not make a sale from this keyword…This is because they probably are not after a funny tshirt.

If someone typed in “Buy funny slogan tshirt” and my advert was shown, my chances of getting a sale increase massively.

This is because people typing in “Buy funny slogan tshirt” are after exactly what I am offering on my website.

PPC advertising is great, but if you do not know what you are doing, and don’t have spare money to play with, PPC can get expensive.

What Is A Keyword Search Tool For?

Most keyword research tools like Jaaxy have more than one feature but all in all a keyword research tool will help narrow down your target market by narrowing down exactly what your ideal market is looking for, and how you can turn them into traffic and sales.

Blogging is the number one free traffic method in the world, and using keywords with low competition and high search volume givers us a cutting edge advantage to gain unlimited free traffic online.

Finding ideas to blog about, spying on your competition, or just looking for the best and most unsaturated niches, Jaaxy keyword search tool is perfect.

The Best Keyword Search Tool

The best keyword search tool, in my opinion, is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is a very powerful tool that helps us determine which keywords will help drive traffic to my website, offer, or landing page.

When it comes to keyword research and writing blogs for free traffic, I owe all my success to the online training platform Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy keyword research tool offers 30 free searches for anyone, you just need to make a free account. ( No credit card needed )

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