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What is a seo keyword

What is a SEO keyword and how you can use keywords to gain unlimited free traffic to your website or websites.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, this is how we optimize our blogs and other pieces of online information, to help search engines know what our blog or article is about.

By having a focus keyword in our blog, we greatly increase our chance of getting ranked on page 1 of search engines.

What Is A SEO Keyword

Every piece of written information that is indexed in search engines like Bing, Google, or Yahoo, will have keywords, even if you don’t know it!

Every month search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing crawl websites to find new information to help searchers find what it is they are searching for.

When someone writes a blog or article they have the option to add in a “Focus keyword” for referencing and telling search engines what your blog is about.

There are specific ways to write blogs that Search engines will favor, and by doing this your blogs are more likely to be ranked on page 1 of search engine page results when someone searches for your keyword.

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What Is A SEO Keyword Used For

Having your blog SEO optimized is done with one specific reason in mind, to get better rankings on search engines.

A keyword in a blog is used to tell search engines what your blog is about, and if your blog is structured right, it will tell search engines the information included in your blog or article.

Naturally, if you do not have a focus keyword in your blog, search engines will ( About once a month ) crawl or scan your blog to find keyword to rank them the best way possible.

Why SEO Keywords Are Important

If used correctly a focus keyword can boost your blog and website rankings which will, in turn, bring unlimited free traffic.

If not used, chances are your blogs will get lost among the millions and trillions of information online, and most likely never get ranked, which means little to no traffic.

If you run any kind of online website, business, blog, or other, you will know that traffic means more people, more clicks, and more sales or income.

Search Engines Love Them

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing love being told what the focus of your website. It explains the overall topic of your blog, which means search engines can straight away categorize and start ranking your blog.

Clarity & More Specific Indexing

Over time search engines get a very specific understanding of your website, the keywords you use, and the type of traffic you are wanting. By adding in focus keywords based on your chosen niche, grouped together will explain the exact niche, or the target market you are after.

Better Rankings

Your blogs will rank a lot better if you use focus keywords throughout your blog. There are specific ways to write blogs so that they increase your chances of ranking also.

More Clicks, Leads, Sales

Better rankings on search engines mean more traffic and as a result more clicks, leads, and or sales. Remember this is unlimited free traffic and I cannot stress the importance of including keywords in and throuout your blog.

What Is A SEO Keyword Example

Here is an example of a keyword that I searched for on Jaxxy, a keyword research tool I use for many uses.

Jaaxy is a very powerful tool that gives us information on any entered keyword or phrase.

Information like…

  • The number of searches for that keyword per month
  • The amount of competition there is for that keyword
  • Other related keywords based on the same search
  • Our chances of ranking for that keyword

The keyword in this example is the keyword you may have searched for to find this blog.

Example keyword ” What Is A SEO Keyword “

As you can see the keyword is searched for by people on average 313 times per month.

The traffic I will get to my website if my blog ranks for that keyword will be on average 54 people per month.

The QSR (Quoted Search Result) is a low 16.

This is a competition score for that keyword. The lower the better. This score represents how many other blogs have been written with this exact keyword. a score of 16 means there are only 16 articles written and my chances of ranking are almost guaranteed if I structure my blogs correctly and use the focus keyword properly.

what is a seo keyword

Learning how to find and use keywords is a skill that people need to learn, and using them in your blogs as a way of boosting your ranks is a free and valuable tool to know how to do.

Learning how to conduct keyword research is just a matter of learning how.

What Is A SEO Keyword Conclusion

A keyword is the focus word in our blogs, and the SEO is how we use this focus word in a way to boost rankings and in turn clicks, leads, and more revenue.

Keywords are very important when it comes to ranking in search engines, at lest where people will find you anyway!

I hope this article has helped you understand what is a SEO keyword and that you are that much closer to using them in your own blogs or articles you write online.

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