Paid Online Writing Jobs Review – Legit Ways To Earn Writing

Paid Online Writing Jobs Review

Paid Online Writing Jobs Review

This is my conclusive Paid Online Writing Jobs review, from someone who actually earns money writing online.

As someone who makes a living from writing online, finding paid online writing jobs is not something that I find myself in search of as I was able to build full-time income through writing about the things I love.

This was made possible through the Wealthy Affiliate University, but if you are after any paid online writing jobs then is this Paid Online Writing Jobs course for you?

Paid online writing jobs review

My Paid Online Writing Jobs Review

Product Name: Paid online writing jobs

Official Website:

Front-end Price: $197 reduced to $27 – WARNING – 3 upsells push the cost up to $218

Refund: Yes, through Clickbank

Niche: Writing for money

Scam: YES

Overall Rating: 1.1/5 stars

Recommend: No

What Is Paid Online Writing Jobs About?

Paid Online Writing Jobs

The Paid Online Writing Jobs program promises to help people find jobs writing online, all from the comforts of their own homes.

Promising training guides that claim to teach you everything that you need to know to about making money online by writing.

At first glance, the program seems very legit, and it is not till later on, you realize there are more costs involved, that have not been made clear to you from the start.

This is very misleading.

This is the Paid Online writing Jobs promo video…

Who Created Paid Online Writing Jobs?

After several searches, Nothing came about in the results about anyone claiming to own the program.

The Paid Online Writing Jobs program is sold through Clickbank.

There are many good products on this platform and unfortunately many bad products as well.

This is why it is important to conduct research on any new program claiming to make you money.

If you cannot find the creators or founders of a program, or course, chances are its not worth buying into.

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What's It Cost To Join Paid Online Writing Jobs

Joining Paid Online Writing Jobs is “In my opinion” not worth it.

The initial cost to join Paid Online Writing Jobs Is $27, and then as you make your way through the course you are struck by many upsells, which really do not offer that much worth.

All the information in the pdf files and ebooks is all information you can find online for free, and even so, it offers little worth.

All up the upsells and what you need to start runs up to $218, and you are still not guaranteed to make any money online.

Keep in mind you are not just handing out your money here, it will be your time and efforts as well.

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Is Paid Online Writing Jobs A Scam?

A definitive conclusion says the Paid Online Writing Jobs is indeed a scam.

They scheme behind these marketing trick are very clever.

Leading you to believe that the Paid Online Writing Jobs course has all the answers, and you will learn “All you need to know” about making money online for $27.

Once invested you will then be slammed with upsell after upsell to get you to “make money” online.

There is nobody clearly taking ownership of Paid Online Writing Jobs.

The program is not made clear from the beginning about how much you will need to keep paying or buying.

This program is designed to take peoples money. Not help.

Who Is Paid Online Writing Jobs For?

Well, as the title implies, Paid Online Writing Jobs is for anyone who would like to earn money online through writing online.

So can anyone join Paid Online Writing Jobs?

According to their criteria
  • You need to have access to the internet
  • You need to be at least 18 years of age
  • You need to be able to learn and follow directions
  • You need to be able to dedicate a few hours per week for this to work
So if we look at these criteria, I think it’s fair to say anyone over 18 can join…
All in all, if the Paid Online Writing Jobs did what it claimed to do, criteria would not mean as much.
Problem is, their program/course is not working and most people are not making a cent…this is why there are few testimonials and no course owners.
So in my opinion, Paid Online Writing Jobs is not a good course for anybody.

Is Paid Online Writing Jobs Worth It?

From someone who makes money writing reviews like this one, trust me when I say the Paid online writing jobs is not worth a dime!

If you are going to pay good money for a course, you need to know it is worth it.

You are about to start sacrificing time, probably more money, and lots of hope that it will indeed return you with hefty rewards.

There are other reputable online training platforms like Wealthy Affiliate, which teach you how to make money online writing, and you can get started for 100% free, with the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership.

The Best Make Money Online Alternative

The Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the most legit, and up to date online platform that teaches people how to make a living online through affiliate marketing.

They welcome you with a free starter membership, which is great if you are interested in finding out what it is all about, without having to spend a dime.

After that, if you like you can upgrade to one of 2 other memberships

  • Easy to follow training Videos
  • Live 24/7 help
  • Any hobbies, passion, or interest can make money
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Thousands of proven success stories
  • World-class training

If you are wanting to turn your passion into an online business please do consider the Wealthy Affiliate University…

Anyways…back to the review.

Whats Inside The Paid Online Writing Jobs Members Area

Upon signing up with the program, you will be able to enter your details and have access to their member’s area.

The instructions are made simple through this short instructional video.

I mean you think this could be done by the designers of the course.

Instructions are simple…

Paid Online Writing Jobs Instructions

1: Work your way through the training modules and buy all upsells
2: Create your online resume and buy all upsells
3: Start Finding Jobs Oh….and buy all upsells
4: Have some free bonuses

Now that you have been instructed on working your way through the training modules, lets dive deeper into what is actually inside of the training modules.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Modules Breakdown

Don’t fear…This won’t take long.

The course consists of 3 modules and working your way through these is simple and easy to understand.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Course Modules

Module One:

This is the introductory welcoming and overall outlay of the system.

You will be given a broad explanation of what freelance writing is, as well as how you can start landing your first jobs.

Module Two:

This module is what I can only describe as a waste of time.

Using, they refer you to read an ideal 5 posts…

I assume this is for gathering ideas in your chosen field.

Module Three:

SEO time. this is the only module that has any worth in the training.

Search engine optimization or SEO is crucial if you want your articles to rank on search engines.

This module is probably the only module that offers any real value.

What Are The Paid Online Writing Job Upsells?

If you are a member of

Paid Online Writing Jobs FAQs

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Yes, there is a 60 day no fuss money back

Q: How long does it take to make money

A: Everyone is different but if you do like the training says you can make money within a few days..

Q: Is there other costs involved?

A: Just like any business, it will require a small financial investment to join, and there are other costs involved if you wish to proceed further within the program

Paid Online Writing Jobs Reviews And Testimonials

The most common way of researching a product or service is to look up other people’s reviews.

Find out what other people are saying about the products or course and identify what their overall rating is for it.

Do they recommend it? Is it a filthy scam?

How To Identify Scams From Legit Opportunities

  • Make sure you can identify the owner or founders of the course. If the course is worthwhile and people are finding success with it, the owners will want to be recognized. Scam offers owners will hide from publicity.

  • Find testimonials and/reviews. These can also be fake…I have seen this before. However, reviews are still worth going through, more the better to get an overall conclusion.

  • Courses should have a detailed map of the course outlay, and you should not be forced into upsell after upsell. (Some tools are necessary)

  • Course websites should look professional and have a privacy policy/Disclaimer and an about me page.

  • They should offer a refund and have a helpline or assistance if you need it.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Review / Reviews Conclusion

Over my time online writing reviews, I would have read and reviewed hundreds, if not thousands of program reviews and testimonials.

This Paid Online Writing Jobs course is perhaps the worst.

There are very few reviews online, and the reviews I found on this course all concluded in the same outcome.


The Paid Online Writing Jobs is a scam program and is not worth wasting your time on, or investing money into.

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