Digital Marketing Courses in New Zealand – Finding Success!

Digital marketing courses in New Zealand

Finding comprehensive and reputable digital marketing courses in New Zealand can be quite challenging due to the limited options available in the local market. While there are some institutions and online platforms that offer digital marketing training, the range of courses and the depth of content may not always meet the needs of aspiring marketers.

As a result, individuals seeking top-notch digital marketing education often face the difficulty of finding a program that covers all the essential aspects of this rapidly evolving field. However, amidst this scarcity, there is one standout platform that addresses these challenges and provides a comprehensive solution: Wealthy Affiliate University.

Why So Few Digital Marketing Courses in New Zealand?

The scarcity of digital marketing courses in New Zealand can be attributed to several factors. One primary reason is the relatively smaller population size and market compared to larger countries.

With a smaller market, the demand for specialized courses in niche areas like digital marketing may be relatively lower.

Furthermore, the field of digital marketing is relatively new and constantly evolving. Educational institutions may face challenges in keeping up with the rapid changes and updating their course offerings accordingly.

As a result, the number of institutions or training providers that offer comprehensive and up-to-date digital marketing courses in New Zealand may be limited.

Another factor contributing to the scarcity is the dynamic nature of digital marketing itself. The strategies, tools, and platforms used in the field are continually evolving, requiring course providers to invest in continuous research and development to stay relevant.

This can be resource-intensive, leading to a smaller pool of providers who can consistently offer high-quality digital marketing education.

Despite these challenges, the presence of platforms like Wealthy Affiliate University addresses the scarcity by offering comprehensive and specialized digital marketing training that caters to the needs of aspiring marketers in New Zealand.

Digital Marketing Courses In New Zealand

Finding The Right Digital Marketing Course In NZ

Over my years online I have personally reviewed hundreds of online courses, software, and products and in this time I have found several important factors to consider when finding the right digital marketing course in NZ.

6 Factors To Consider When Finding A Digital Marketing Course For You:

  • Is the course reputable?: Does the course have proof that it works and are there success stories, positive reviews, etc to validate the course?
  • Cost of the course: A huge factor to consider is the cost involved. Do you have to go to university or can you study online?
  • Tools, Software, Website Hosting & Security: Keeping tabs on all the tools, training, software, and other information can very quickly become overwhelming. Ideally, we can consolidate some of these…which we can.
  • Relevance and practical application: Assess whether the course offers practical application and real-world case studies. Practical assignments and projects allow you to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, enhancing your learning experience and preparing you for the challenges you may face as a digital marketer.
  • Faculty and instructors: Research the qualifications and industry experience of the faculty or instructors delivering the course. Experienced professionals with a strong background in digital marketing can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout your learning journey.
  • Flexibility and mode of learning: Consider your schedule and preferred learning style. Determine if the course offers flexible learning options, such as self-paced online modules or blended learning with a mix of online and in-person classes. Choose a format that aligns with your lifestyle and learning preferences.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose a digital marketing course that aligns with your goals, learning style, and budget, setting you up for success in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Courses In New Zealand

1. The University of Auckland Business School:

The University of Auckland offers a variety of digital marketing courses through its Business School. These courses cover topics such as digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. The university’s reputable business program and academic resources provide a solid foundation for those seeking formal education in digital marketing.

2. Digital Marketing Institute (DMI):

DMI is an international organization that offers a range of digital marketing courses, including certifications, diplomas, and postgraduate programs. While DMI is not specifically based in New Zealand, they provide online learning options that are accessible to individuals in New Zealand.

Their courses cover various digital marketing disciplines and are designed to equip learners with practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge.

Industry-Specific Training Providers:

Several industry-specific training providers in New Zealand offer digital marketing courses tailored to specific sectors.

These providers often focus on specialized aspects of digital marketing relevant to industries such as tourism, hospitality, or retail.

Examples include the New Zealand School of Tourism, which offers digital marketing courses specific to the tourism industry, and retail-focused training providers which offer courses on e-commerce and digital marketing strategies for retail businesses.

It’s important to research and evaluate each institution or training provider to determine which one aligns best with your specific learning needs, goals, and budget.

My #1 Digital Marketing Training In New Zealand Recommendation

My absolute number one training recommendation for digital marketing in New Zealand is the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Although this is not a physical place to study digital marketing, it is an online training platform that teaches people how to make money from home through affiliate marketing/digital marketing.

Let me point out a few of the main highlights that got me involved many years ago…

  1. Free starter membership to test drive the training platforms!
  2. Can do this from almost anywhere in the world.
  3. Only two other membership plans, and a 100% completely transparent course and costs…No hidden fees!
  4. Comprehensive curriculum!
  5. Interactive learning environment!
  6. Expert guidance!
  7. Easy Follow step-by-step video training tutorials
  8. Founded in 2005, and is still the #1 training recommendation in the world. Over 17 years in the business.
  9. Thousand of success stories and more are happening daily!
  10. 24/7 help and a huge helpful community help!
  11. All WordPress website development tools, hosting, and security are included in the platform!
  12. Easy and simple layout for learning, plus a progress tracker!
  13. Keyword research tools and training!
  14. Live weekly webinars and training classes!
  15. Cost-effective pricing for the two membership plans!

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Take it from me, if you do the course and follow what it says to do, you will have the skills to advertise any product or service to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Not only that but once set up, this runs on autopilot, which means more free time for you!

Everything Is Explained Inside The Wealthy Affiliate Training Classes

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With these exceptional attributes, Wealthy Affiliate University stands as a top choice for individuals seeking quality digital marketing education in New Zealand.

Practical experience, expert guidance, and a supportive community to help them succeed in the dynamic world of online marketing.

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Whats Included In The Wealthy Affiliate Digital Marketing Course?

The Wealthy Affiliate Training Is broken into two main courses. The Online Entrepreneur course, and the Affiliate Bootcamp course.

Here are the lessons taught through the Wealthy Affiliate training and a little taste of what you can expect to learn through the course.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

The first part of your training is broken up into 10 parts.

Lesson 1 – Getting Rolling ( View First Lesson Here )
Lesson 2 – Understand How To Make Money Online
Lesson 3 – Choose A Niche
Lesson 4 – Building Your Own Niche Website
Lesson 5 – Setting Up Your Site
Lesson 6 – Setting Up Your Site For Search Engines
Lesson 7 – Creating Your Initial Website Content
Lesson 8 – Creating Custom Menus
lesson 9 – Understanding Keywords – Creating Content
Lesson 10 – Congratulation And Your Next Steps

Affiliate Bootcamp

This is a 70-lesson and 7-phase training series.

Each segment is broken down into 10 mini-courses.

Lesson 1 – Getting Your Business Rolling

Lesson 2 – Content Keywords And Conversions
Lesson 3 – Give Your Site Social Value
Lesson 4 – Get Visual – Get A Brand
Lesson 5 – Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
Lesson 6 – Bing Yahoo And The Power Of PPC
Lesson 7 – How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

You can see the course is full of great information and getting involved is as simple as making an account.

Digital & Affiliate Marketing In New Zealand

I hope this blog has given you some insight into digital marketing courses in New Zealand.

Building passive online income streams is one of the smartest things anyone can do to set themselves up for the future.

Wealthy Affiliate not only guide you through the whole process from set up, to making money and expanding your business.

Take action and get involved with the free starter membership to see if it is for you…if you like, you can upgrade to one of the other membership plans and unlock all the tools and training that you need.

The future is in your hands!

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