What Is A Future Plan? – Prepare For Your Future!

what is a future plan

With the struggle to get ahead in today’s world, it really is important to understand what is a future plan? and why it is important to have one.

Preparing for your future is often easier said than done as life is always throwing hurdles at us daily, making it seem impossible to actually get ahead.

So what is a future plan and how can it help us achieve our goals or dreams?

I know mine personally was to build passive income and to gain complete financial freedom and flexibility.

My personal future plan has become a reality, and I owe all my success to Wealthy Affiliate for helping me achieve my goals.

What Is A Future Plan?

I’m sure most of us have been told at some point or another to get a job, get an education, blah blah blah… blah blah blah… and even though a very small amount of this is true, on a whole, this is not setting you up for success.

One future plan varies from person to person although in most cases it’s one’s ideal lifestyle, ultimate goals, or dreams they would like to achieve.

A future plan may change throughout your life, and that is ok, it’s supposed to as priorities, values, and opinions change as we grow, however, our overall future plan normally remains the same.

To be happy, and with complete financial freedom and flexibility.

What is a future plan example…

Your future plan could be to become a millionaire in 10 years from now and your plan to get there would be broken into yearly, monthly or even weekly tasks, or accomplishments…

For example, if you wanted to have $1m in 10 years you would need to save $100,000 for 10 years.

There is of course more than one way to achieve this goal of $10m in 10 years, my example is just for demonstration of breaking down a future plan.

After saving $100,000 for 10 years, You have achieved your future plan.

Another example of a short future plan could be to buy a house or save for a car that you have always wanted.

What is a future plan for

What is a future plan for and how can it help us succeed in life?

A future plan if made correctly will give clarity, focus, and inspiration to where you are in life now, and where it is you want to be going to.

Think of it as a game plan.

“A man without a plan…is lost”

Well maybe not quite, but it’s better than just winging it! and having no plan at all.

A future plan is something to give you clarity, and sometimes a reminder of what is important to us, and what our long-term focus should be.

They can be written or visual, sometimes both.

A completely visual future plan is also named a vision board, which consists usually of a collage of pictures that resemble things you want or would like to achieve…

Keep in mind that life changes and other opportunities will always come along, other dramas and challenges will always be there, but overall your overall future plan will stay the same.

What Is A Future Plan Vision Board?

A future plan vision board is about keeping your goals, dreams, or ambitions at the forefront of your mind, visually.

For example: if you wanted to save more money, you could have a picture of a piggy bank to remind you that you need to save.

You could have a picture of a holiday destination spot you have always wanted to go to.

Whatever it is you choose, you can get them, you can have them, you just need to learn how.

The more our dreams or goals stay in focus, the more our actions start to dictate getting them.

Steps To Making A Vision Board…

1: Gather images that represent your goals, dreams, or ambitions. For example, if you wanted to save more money, you could have a piggy bank picture or a pile of cash.

2: Make a collage with them and stick them onto a piece of cardboard or paper.

3: Hang this on a wall or fridge, somewhere you will see it every day. This will be a reminder every morning to save, get fit, or whatever it is you would put on yours.

What is a Vision board

Who Is A Future Plan For?

A future plan is for anyone wanting to plan for the future, for people that want more guidance and focus in their life.

It is a great way to get small and larger goals accomplished, and accomplishing this brings rewards of achievement, and more importantly, reinforces the fact that we can really be, and do anything we want to in life, it just takes practice, hard work, and more importantly dedication.

Who is a future plan for?

1, Anyone wanting a better future!
2, Anyone going through a mid-life crisis!
3, Anyone needing a new direction!
4, Anyone that wants to be financially independent!
5, Anybody looking to help dictate their outcome!

Achieving Success

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